VSS™ 6.1

VSS 6.1 Original

If you need to add reverb to an existing 5.1 or 6.1 signal or move sources around with a joystick, VSS™ 6.1 Reverb is your algorithm. 

Five Uncorrelated Reverbs
You get multi-directional reflection patterns and five uncorrelated reverbs, plus the ability to control positioning directly from your console, our external joystick or from the TC ICON touch screen.

Unprocessed LFE Signal
On requests from world-famous mastering engineers, we designed the LFE signal to pass through unprocessed, but absolutely time-aligned with the 6 main channels.

Phantom Simulation
If needed, you can incorporate the center channel including our phantom simulation in a number of different ways.

Mix down
You can fold down to matrixed surround, stereo and mono perfectly thanks to the fully de-correlated rendering used in VSS™ 6.1 Reverb - you can even specify different decay times per channel.

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