Pure & Authentic Space

VSS™4 is a genuine Stereo Reverb that radically departs from blurry sustain concepts of the past. Based on source-related reflections from multiple angles, the precision of VSS 4 is comparable to real-world mono or stereo sources positioned in an authentic space.

VSS 4 is your first choice for spot and close microphone pick-ups as well as synthetic sources. It is not only capable of adding spaciousness, but also distinctive character, localization and depth to the source. If the reflection patterns are too immense for a particular situation, you can tailor it to precisely complement the material processed.

If you use it for mastering, VSS 4 features full 24-bit transparency, and the wet output is de-correlated similarly to a good recording of a natural room. Therefore, the wet/dry balance is not compromised when you listen in mono.

Dependent on plenty of RAM and a fast infrastructure, VSS 4 is only available with Reverb 4000 and Reverb 6000 and not as a DAW plug-in or in other hardware processors.