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Synthesizer Vocoder

Waldorf D-Coder

Waldorf's D-coder for PowerCore goes beyond classic Vocoder concepts by providing an integrated synthesizer as tone generator. This way no external carrier signal is required to make the vocoding effect audible. D-coder is based on DSP technology used in the popular Waldorf synthesizers, now made accessible to PowerCore users from inside any VST or Audio Units compatible sequencer. 

D-coder has everything you need to create sophisticated vocoding effects, in one easy to use interface! The included polyphonic synthesizer, featuring that classic Waldorf sound, eliminates the need for external carriers. Need to fatten up the effect? Use the integrated Chorus unit. A 3-band EQ section rounds out the processing section, allowing you to emphasize critical speech frequencies, going way beyond what is possible with most other vocoders.

D-coder is fully VST 2.0 compatible, and can be played from a MIDI track or in real-time from a keyboard. D-coder is so flexible that the synthesizer section can be played independently of the vocoder section! If you are using a VST 2.0 compatible sequencer, all LFOs can follow MIDI sync, allowing you to independently modulate the synthesizer and the vocoder in musically relevant values such as "8 bars". 

With the included Carrier plug-in, you can also vocode audio without using the synthesizer section! Combine different audio tracks for unbelievable results.

Main Features

  • 3 to 100 band Vocoder
  • Dual Oscillator Polyphonic Synthesizer with Ring Modulation
  • Source Mixer for Analysis, Vocoder and Synth sections
  • Integrated effects including 3 band EQ, Chorus and Drive
  • Carrier plug-in included
  • High resolution Analysis and Vocode channel meters
  • Fully VST 2.0 compatible
  • LFO Modulation of Vocoder Filters
  • All LFOs respond to MIDI Sync
  • Responds to Polyphonic MIDI, Monophonic MIDI, or Free Run, where you can Vocode without any MIDI at all!