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Capture Your Creativity Anywhere

Capture your ideas quick and easy, no matter where you may find yourself when inspiration strikes, with this high-quality recorder app for Android and iOS. Featuring a plethora of indispensable recording tools, and the ability to sync up with the WireTap Riff Recorder pedal, the WireTap app will give you an unprecedented fast and fluent workflow, carving a new path for the future of songwriting. The distance from rough riff to finished song of awesomeness has never been shorter.

  • High-quality recorder app - with built-in peak meter
  • Tag, Trim, Name, Group and Share your riffs from the app
  • Syncable with the WireTap Riff Recorder pedal via Bluetooth

Peak Performance

No matter how awesome a riff you've come up with, it won't be worth listening to if the recorded audio is a non-stop distorted clip-fest. Hence the WireTap App sports a highly effective built-in peak meter that instantly shows if your recording is about to break the sound barrier.

Command The Creative Process

WireTap offers a host of tools that'll see your creative process move faster than the Flash jacked up on espresso! Cut the fat off your riffs with the trim tool. Keep the sketches organized by tagging and grouping them. Name your recordings or let WireTap take care of that with its automatic name generator. Last but definitely not least, you can share your riffs with your bandmates directly from the app for a revolutionary way of writing songs together.

Sync Up To Rock

Besides being a great standalone songwriting tool, the WireTap app was also made to perfectly complement our compact WireTap Riff Recorder pedal. With the pedal safely secured to your pedalboard, you're never more than a stomp away from capturing your riffs. But what if you want that riff with you, for songwriting on the go? Just sync up the pedal and your phone via Bluetooth, quickly transfer the riff and keep the creative momentum alive. 

Backstage Pass - All Access

Let’s take a closer look at your new favorite songwriting team, WireTap Riff Recorder and the WireTap App.

Back On Track

The Back and Next button let you scroll through all of your epic recordings.

Pedal-Simple Recording

Gone are the days of limiter adjustment, mic placement and other time consuming tech nonsense. Just hit the bypass switch to record, and hit it again to stop recording. WireTap takes care of the rest!

Play It Loud!

The play button plays back your most recent riff. You can also hold it to delete the recording, but you probably already read that on the pedal. Yeah, we know. We’re pretty good at labeling buttons and stuff.

True Bypass

WireTap never compromises your core tone when bypassed. When it’s off it’s really off.

Size Matters

WireTap Riff Recorder is housed in an incredibly small enclosure that’ll fit on any pedalboard out there.

Synced To Rock

Sync up the pedal with the app, transfer your recordings and start making those dream compositions real!

On The Go Won’t Stop The Show

The WireTap App is also a high-quality standalone voice recorder with a built-in peak meter, so you can make outstanding recordings on the go.

Choose Your Output

Hear your recording on your phone or use the app to remote control the pedal and hear your recording through your amp.

The Name Of The Game

WireTap automatically gives your recording a name, if you don’t give it one first. That way you won’t end up with countless recordings with “catchy” names like Track 1 or the follow-up smash-hit Track 2.

Tag ‘Em and Bag ‘Em

Tag individual recordings or entire groups of recordings by genre to get an easy overview of your songs. And trust us, with the rate you’ll be churning out epic riffs, this feature is a godsend!

  • High-quality recorder app
  • Available on iOs and Android
  • Syncable with the WireTap Riff Recorder pedal via Bluetooth
  • Built-in peak monitor - so your recordings won't distort
  • Automatic name generator
  • Trim tool - cut the unwanted fat off your recordings
  • Share your recordings with your friends directly from the app
  • Tag and Group your riffs for a super-structured work flow
WireTap Riff Recorder - official product video

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