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Powered by our acclaimed Reverb 8 algorithm, Reverb TwentyFour is a high density reverb in 19" rack format that lets you create and refine ambience for up to 24 channels at the same time.

Because each of the reverb channels are independent, you can process any mono or higher signal source to deliver content with as many output channels as you need.

This allows you to bring life to high channel counts for installation purposes or the most extreme surround formats for cinema, such as Dolby Atmos.

Reverb TwentyFour is equipped with MADI connections, and with the flexible and seamless audio routing you can send any 24 of the 64 MADI channels to and from the
reverb engines.

Reverb TwentyFour at a Glance:

  • High-Definition 19" Rack Unit with 24 channels of Simultaneous Uncorrelated Reverb
  • Unparalleled, Pristine Reverb Engines built on TC Electronic's System 6000 Technology
  • Full, yet simple control over countless of reverb channels and hundreds of parameters
  • Fully downmix compatible to let you render down from high channel formats gracefully


Within Broadcast

To be on the forefront of the technological development within the media industry, broadcasters like the Japanese NHK are continually experimenting with programs in high-channel counts, like 22.2.

All contained within a single unit, Reverb TwentyFour helps engineers create authentic sound fields, and because of the exceptional channel properties the output will easily mix down to lesser channel counts without introducing unwanted artefacts.

In Cinema

Within cinema extreme channel formats like Dolby Atmos are rapidly gaining popularity because of its immersive nature and high definition.

The seamless routing of Reverb TwentyFour gives producers the ability to utilise up to three different reverbs in a single rack unit for maximum flexibility and low cost per channel.

Acoustic Enhancement

Within multi-purpose venues Reverb TwentyFour will help you regulate the RT60 to optimize the venue for different functions, from dry rock to lively classical concerts.

Reverb TwentyFour works equally well for acoustic enhancement in stores and restaurants, where it allows customers to experience the background music flowing organically into the room instead of being emitted from the individual speakers.


Bring It To Life

Besides sounding really, really good, the Reverb TwentyFour will help you convey authentic spaces with ease, and more convincingly than what you could ever achieve with a mic array in a real room.

With its pristine reverb engine from our triple TEC awarded System 6000, it will carry your audience off to places near and far, and let

them experience the full ambient character of your mix.

And with its many powerful features such as reverb colour fine-tuning, Reverb TwentyFour will help you make the most of the discrete channels for that extra level of immersion.

Instant Control gif

Controls Made Easy

Reverb TwentyFour gives you total, yet straightforward control of your reverb.

With the intuitive Grid display you can easily adjust the ambience across countless channels - quicker, better and over a wider range than ever before.

When rendering, the unit takes hundreds of parameters into account.

This means that even if you change the decay time dramatically, e.g. from 2 to 10 seconds, Reverb TwentyFour will instantly protect the crucial balances of your mix, so you don't have to counter-adjust a large number of other parameters.

fully downmix compatible

Fully Downmix Compatible

With most other reverbs, it takes no more than switching from stereo to mono to greatly offset the mix balance. Now, imagine how bad - and how fast - things can fall apart in a 24 channel system!

To prevent this from being an issue, we made sure that Reverb TwentyFour not only delivers pristine multichannel reverb

processing, but also allows for flawless external downmix to 22, 11, 7 or 5 channels, stereo or even mono without ever introducing any phasing artifacts or altering the balance of your mix.

In short: what you hear is truly, what you get - and Reverb TwentyFour has you covered all the way!

Power Correction

The Power Correction feature safeguards your D/R ratio - the crucial balance between your direct sound and reverb - while you do mix changes, saving you hours of re-trimming.

Easily activated and pre-defined from the Main Page, it gives you the freedom to experiment with radical decay time settings and do last minute changes while leaving the balance of your mix undisturbed.

If Power Correction is turned on before balancing is done, it will keep your overall levels consistent even as you adjust the decay at a later time.

Power Correction

You can engage and pre-define to which degree Power Correction should kick in (50% or 100%) on the Main Page.

As you see on the graph, with Power Correction Off (red line), the reverb gets louder as you increase the decay time, disturbing your mix balances.

With Power Correction set to 100% (green line), the loudness stays the same no matter how you adjust the decay time, preserving your balances.

Verb on verb V2 horizontal

Verb on Verb

Adding a significant amount of reverb to a signal that already contains spatial information should be avoided - or so current pro audio procedure has it.

With Reverb TwentyFour, think again!

Thanks to a new envelopment technique, we made sure that even a distant mic pick-up or a composite mix will make a perfect input source.

In other words, stacking reverb is now a 'do' instead of a 'don't'.

Infinite Channels

Infinite Channels

With today's ever changing demands, you may need to deliver in extreme surround formats like Dolby Atmos, Barco Auro or NHK Multi-Channel spanning from 11.1 to 62.2.

Reverb TwentyFour runs as many as 24 channels of pristine reverb in a single 19" rack unit.

And if you need even more, simply add one or more units and link them on the same network. This way, you get a virtually unlimited number of output channels.

Feed Reverb TwentyFour with any signal: Mono, Stereo, 5.1, 7.1, etc. and process to an infinite number of output channels.

In short, you can go from mono to infinity, or anywhere in between.

Ethernet Based Control

TC Icon MKII_490

Reverb TwentyFour features ethernet-based control, compatible with TC ICON network for easy and flexible control over longer distances using the TC ICON hardware (optional) or MAC*/PC with the ICON software (Included).

The TC ICON hardware features:

  • Incredibly Fast Touch Screen and Faders Response
  • Intuitive and User-friendly Interface
  • Controls Even More TC Studio and Broadcast Units with Dual Ethernet and Dual USB Ports
  • Integrate Multiple Mainframes and TC ICONS/Editors Into Your Network

Read More About the TC ICON Remote

perception of space

Perception of Space

When entering a room with your eyes closed, it takes no more than a split second of sound before our brain is able to accurately tell the size of the space.

While low frequency cues aren't of much use for localization, the lower registers are very important when it comes to judging room size.

Now, when you use multiple microphones to record sound in a room, the lower octaves tend to collapse, unless the distance between your mics is significant. This happens because the long wavelength makes closely positioned capsules pick up almost identical signals.

In fact, even when you use multiple mics to capture the sound of a hall, there will always be a compromise between imaging and envelopment. And due to the lack of relation between pick-up, direction, directivity and delivery of sound, adding extra microphones to support more speaker channels will actually yield a diminished return.

At the end of the day, a multichannel signal that is collapsed at low frequency won't be able to give a credible picture of a large room.

Reverb TwentyFour overcomes this obstacle, and becomes more convincing with each channel you add because its ability to influence modal density and other relevant parameters in the reproduction room is increased - all without compromising downmix compatibility.

Reverb TwentyFour Front


  • High-definition multichannel reverb in 19" rack format lets you create and manipulate reverb for up to 24 channels simultaneously to deliver powerful content for even the most extreme surround formats
  • Process any mono or higher signal source to create content with as many output channels as you want
  • Flexible and seamless audio routing with 64 MADI channels of input and output on-board
  • Manipulate spaciousness for countless channels faster, better and over a wider range than ever before, letting you convey space more credibly than is possible with a mic array in a real room
  • Fully downmix compatible to let you render down from high channel formats gracefully, without introducing phasing artefacts or altering mix balance # Compatible with modern high channel-count workflows, such as Dolby Atmos*
  • Power Correction maintains your direct-sound-to-reverb ratio while you do mix changes and experiment with decay time settings, saving significant re-trimming work
  • Truly make the most of extra discrete channels with reverb colour to help you convey spaces imaginatively in multichannel format
  • New envelopment technique overthrows convention so that input signals already containing spatial information can be regarded as a perfect input source, enabling you to add significant reverb to them
  • Grid page provides quick and easy access to make and adjust spaces for many channels simultaneously 
  • Powered by the renowned Reverb 8 algorithm known from the hi-end TC Electronic System 6000 Reverb unit
  • Ethernet-based control compatible with TC ICON network for easy and flexible control over longer distances using the TC ICON Hardware or MAC*/PC with the ICON software
  • Main setup options let you manipulate channel groups to quickly off set balances and timing 
  • 3-Year Warranty Program* 
  • Designed and engineered in Denmark



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